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AZ Cross @ Sedona - Day 1

Date:October 28, 2017
Event City & StateSedona, AZ
Organized By:AZ Cross
Sponsored By:
USAC Permit:2017-459
Online Registration Starts:June 19, 2017 at 01:00am MST
Price increase on:October 26, 2017 at 08:00pm MST
Regular Online Registration Ends:October 28, 2017 at 01:30pm MST

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Event Information

AZ CROSS Series powered by SRAM


Please create/update your free account to register. 

Registration is entirely managed online via and closes 15 min prior to start times of respective categories. Pricing is $35 for adults and $15 for Juniors until Thursday prior to race day, 8:00 PM, AZ time. Late fees ($45 for adults; $25 for Juniors) apply after Thursday 8:00 PM. Please register online before driving to the venue.

 08:30AMUSAC CX Women Cat. 5 9+ 20 Minutes15/$2575
 08:30AMUSAC CX Juniors Women Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 9-18 20 Minutes15/$2575
 08:30AMUSAC CX Juniors Men Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 9-10 20 Minutes15/$2575
 08:30AMUSAC CX Juniors Men Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 11-12 20 Minutes15/$2575
 08:30AMUSAC CX Juniors Men Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 13-14 20 Minutes15/$2575
 09:10AMUSAC CX Collegiate Men A 18+ 30 Minutes15/$2075
 09:10AMUSAC CX Masters Men Cat. 3/4/5 40+ 30 Minutes35/$4575
 09:10AMUSAC CX Masters Men Cat. 3/4/5 50+ 30 Minutes35/$4575
 09:50AMUSAC CX Collegiate Women A 18+ 30 Minutes15/$2075
 09:50AMUSAC CX Collegiate Women B 18+ 30 Minutes15/$2075
 09:50AMUSAC CX Masters Women Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 30+ 30 Minutes35/$4575
 09:50AMUSAC CX Men Cat. 4/5 9+ 30 Minutes35/$4575
 09:50AMUSAC CX Collegiate Men B 18+ 30 Minutes15/$2075
 10:30AMUSAC CX Men Pro/1/2/3/4 15+ 45 Minutes35/$45100
 10:30AMUSAC CX Masters Men Cat. 1/2/3 50+ 45 Minutes35/$45100
 10:30AMUSAC CX Single Speed M+W Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 9+ 45 Minutes35/$45100
 11:25AMUSAC CX Men Cat. 5 9+ 30 Minutes35/$4575
 11:25AMUSAC CX Mountain Bikes M+W Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 9+ 30 Minutes35/$4575
 12:00PMUSAC CX Juniors Men Cat. 1/2/3/4/5 15-18 30 Minutes15/$2575
 12:40PMUSAC CX Men Cat. 3/4 13+ 40 Minutes35/$4575
 01:30PMUSAC CX Women Pro/1/2/3/4 9+ 40 Minutes35/$4575

Additional Event Information

Add any 2nd and 3d race for $10 each 

Categories starting at the same time will be scored separately. 

Riders must hold a USAC license (not required for Kids ride). One day licenses ($10) available for purchase during registration.

Prize disclosure: Payout per race is dependent on entries. Less than 8 starters in any category, only first place money will be paid. The category prize list and depth to be announced on the start line. 

Bikes: Knobby tires recommended, must have working brakes and mountain bikes must not have bar ends. Yes, mountain bikes are allowed under USAC Rules.

Eligibility: All USAC Rules apply. You must present a valid 2017 USAC License at registration. Category 5 Men, Category 5 Women, and Juniors, are eligible to purchase One-day license for $10. 

Registration: Online required; available day-of and closes 15 min prior to each start time. $10 additional fee for registrations after Thursday prior to race day 8 PM (AZ time). On site registration and packet pick up opens at 7:30 am. 

Scoring: Results will be posted after the finish, online (use Results link in top right corner) and on-site.

Refund policy: sorry, no refund for this event. However, in case of natural disaster a few days prior and resulting in the cancellation of the event, may file a claim and issue partial refunds if the claim is approved by their peril insurance provider.



2414 W Lupine Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85029

+1-480-409-4753 (7 AM - 9 PM AZ Time)

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