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Q: Who is
A: (previously is the online registration and results platform developed by La Roue d'Or, LLC, a sporting events management and promotion company incorporated in Tempe, AZ, since 2009. Our manager started cycling races in France in 1994; then he became a cycling referee in 1998 and upgraded to National Commissaire in the US in 2008, and Elite National Commissaire in 2016. He has supervised US collegiate clubs (Purdue, IN, 2005-2009 and Arizona State Univesrity, AZ, 2015-present). We have organized events in the US (2007-2016), including the 2016 AZ Fall Series ( Furthermore, we consult many running and cycling event organizers to promote their events, and we power computerized registration and results. 

Q: What is the mission of
A: Since its inception, La Roue d’Or, LLC, has seen a huge increase in the number of requests from event organizers to work their races. To meet the increasing demand, we developed a very easy to use and affordable online registration and results platform: We used our 20+ years of experience to design the present website with our partner Web-Op, Inc. We hope you will enjoy our easy-to-use functionalities. Feel free to provide feedback as we are constantly looking into improving our system. For information, additional event management and production services are available from La Roue d’Or, LLC.

You can contact us to change/update your information or send questions/comments.



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