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Q: Do I need to create an account to register? Is it free?
A: Yes, you must CREATE A FREE ACCOUNT to register for sporting events on This allows organizers to print pre-filled release forms to expedite packet pick up operations.

Q: Can my team manager/teammate/sibling register me?
A: Yes, our system was created just for that. You have two options to do so:
1- enter the E-mail of your manager/teammate/sibling where indicated on your profile;
2- select the same club as your manager/teammate/sibling when selecting your teams.
When using either option, your name will appear in the list of participants your team manager/ teammate/ sibling can register. However, this person never sees your personal information and you will have to answer customized questions and sign release forms yourself.

Q: Can I unlink my info from my team manager/teammate/sibling if I change club?
A: Yes. Simply remove their Email address in specific field on your profile, change your club info, or contact us. If your team manager/teammate/sibling places the request, we will confirm with you before granting the change.

Q: Will my name appear in the registration search engine after I create an account?
A: It depends. When you create your account, you select whether or not you want your name to appear in the registration search engine.

Q: What is your registration search engine?
A: This is a quick way to register for sporting events without the need to log in (requires you have created a free account). 

Q: What are the payment option and are they safe?
A: You can either pay via Paypal or directly use credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, and Discover only). Our partner, Web-Op, Inc, is used to developing safe commercial websites and all transactions with are SSL encrypted to ensure safe data transfer over the internet. For information, transactions will appear in your credit card statements as '' or ''.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions/comments.



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